How can we help?

Landlords are required by law to ensure that your property is kept in good repair. If you have an eligible claim against a landlord who has refused to complete repairs, we will;

  • Collect evidence looking at your tenancy agreement and current living conditions
  • Send out an independent, expert surveyor to your home to report on identified necessary repairs
  • Request the landlord to complete the identified repairs within an agreed and reasonable timeframe
  • Try to negotiate early settlement of your claim, including compensation, without court action
  • Explain court proceedings and support you by providing legal counsel including a barrister should you need it
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In regards to compensation, we will always:

  • Consider any injury or ill-health suffered as a result of the disrepair
  • Consider any other losses such as damage to personal items and items that you could be charged to fix etc.
  • Consider any equality or discrimination claim you may have against your landlord

In a nutshell, we aim to provide you the best quality service in processing your claim for the best price.

Next Steps

You could be eligible to make a claim for housing disrepair. Speak to one of our experts for a free initial assessment and legal advice to find out if we can process a claim for you for housing disrepair. Call us now on 0808 273 0900 to discuss your claim.


For an estimate only of how much compensation you could be entitled to, simply use our handy compensation calculator.

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We will pay you £200 if you recommend a friend to us that has housing disrepair and we settle their claim