Preventing condensation mould

A common issue that a lot of tenants are faced with in their rented homes, is mould and damp.

Though some types of damp, such as penetrating damp and rising damp, are often caused by poorly maintained houses and therefore are usually the legal obligation of your landlord to deal with, damp caused by condensation is a common problem that you, as the tenant, will be responsible for trying to prevent.

Left untreated, damp and mould caused by condensation can be potentially harmful for you and your family and can even lead to serious health issues and, potentially, respiratory conditions. With this in mind, here are our top tips to help to prevent condensation mould within your rented home.

How to reduce the condensation in your rented property

There are a number of things you can do to help to keep any damp caused by condensation at bay:

  • Keep your home well ventilated by opening windows every day.
  • Try to dry any washing outside where possible, but if this isn’t possible, dry any clothes in an enclosed room with an open window. If you use a tumble dryer to dry your clothes, ensure that the ventilation pipe runs outside of your property.
  • Open your bathroom window or turn on an extractor fan after taking a bath or shower to help to get rid of any excess moisture in the air.
  • Similarly, be sure to make use of any extractor fans whilst cooking and, if possible, open any kitchen windows for extra ventilation.
  • Where possible, try to leave a gap between your furniture and your walls as this will help with ventilation, stop any air getting trapped at the bottom of the walls and ultimately reduce the chance of black mould forming.
  • During the cold weather, take advantage of your central heating to help maintain a constant temperature. This is because cold air causes the warm air to release moisture, resulting in condensation, so maintaining a steady temperature will stop this from happening.
  • Ensure that your drains aren’t blocked, as this can cause external walls to become soaking wet, which will eventually affect the inside of your home.

The damp in my rented property isn’t my fault

In some circumstances, damp or mould in your home will be due to external factors out of your control. At CEL Solicitors, we believe that everyone deserves to live in a safe property, so if you believe that you are not at fault, or to find out your rights as a tenant, contact our expert team of friendly solicitors today on 0151 909 8212 or email