The difference between condensation and penetrating damp

One of the most common issues that many tenants must deal with in their rented homes, is mould and damp. If mould and damp is left untreated, it can be harmful for you and your family and has been known to exacerbate, or even cause, serious health issues and respiratory conditions.

With this in mind, it’s important to deal with any damp or mould within your home as quickly as possible – but the first thing you need to do is to establish the cause of the problem. Some types of damp, such as penetrating damp and rising damp, can be caused by poorly maintained houses so will usually be your landlord’s legal obligation to deal with, whilst damp caused by condensation is a common problem that you, as the tenant, will be responsible for trying to prevent.

Damp caused by condensation

Though you can’t see it, water vapour that occurs naturally from us breathing, weather conditions and even plants will be present within your home – it only causes a condensation issue when it comes into contact with something cold.

When the warm air within your home comes into contact with the cold air outside, condensation will begin to form which can result in a black mould growing. In order to keep this condensation mould at bay, make sure that you keep your home well ventilated by opening windows every day, dry your laundry outside where possible and, during the cold weather, take advantage of your central heating to help maintain a constant temperature.


Penetrating dampness caused by repair issues

In some circumstances, damp or mould in your home will be due to external factors out of your control. Issues such as a leaking roof, blocked drains and damaged water pipes can cause penetrating damp in your home, which can be a lot more difficult to deal with than simple condensation mould.  Regular maintenance to your property is important to keep any issues at bay before they become a serious issue.

The damp in my rented property isn’t my fault

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