How much compensation will I receive from a housing disrepair case

Living in a property that is falling into disrepair can not only can it be both inconvenient and unsightly but living among poor conditions in your home can have a detrimental effect on both yours and your family’s health and wellbeing – this is especially true when dealing with issues such as mould or rising damp particularly around children and adults with respiratory conditions.

However, if you believe that the disrepair issues within your home, (for example; rising damp, vermin or structural issues) are not your fault, you may be entitled to claim compensation against your landlord for both the damage and effects of the issue.  If you have already complained to your landlord about disrepair within your home but are still waiting to see any action taken, our expert team of hosing disrepair solicitors may be able to help.

Housing disrepair compensation

At CEL solicitors, we believe that everyone has the right to live in a clean, safe home, so the starting point for our expert team in calculating damages is what you will need to restore you to the position you would be in has there has been no breach of duty by your landlord. Once we have looked at how much it will cost to return your lives to the quality to are entitled to, general damages tend to also be recoverable for issues such as; loss of amenity, discomfort, distress and inconvenience.

How much compensation for housing disrepair?

On average, housing disrepair compensation settlements are around £4,500 per claim. Damages are calculated by deducting a percentage of your rent that would have been due to your landlord on a monthly basis for the time that the repairs at your property have not been completed. For minor cases, this is around 20% of a deduction of your monthly rent and for severe cases, it would be 50% of a deduction up to a maximum of 6 years. Start your claim.

What is a compensation example for housing disrepair?

So, for example, if you have severe damp and your rent was £1000 per month and you had this problem for three years then you would receive approximately £500 in compensation per month, each month for three years in the sum of £18,000. You get this rent back as compensation. You still get this payment even if your rent is paid through benefits. If you are in rent arrears you also still get the payment, but your rent arrears are deducted. You can also claim for damaged property, cost of excess heating bills and repayment of monies that you have spent repairing the property.

So, if you believe that you may be entitled to claim compensation against your landlord, are team are on-hand to look at ass aspects of your case and help to calculate how much compensation you should receive. Contact our expert team of housing solicitors today on 0808 281 2660 or email and know that you are in safe hands!