Dealing with your landlord if you suffer from stress and depression.

Living with mental health issues can feel like an uphill struggle, and your home can often feel like you only sanctuary from the stress of the outside world. But what happens when your home becomes the very thing that triggers your stress and anxiety?

Living in a property that is falling into disrepair can be a huge burden for anyone to carry. Not only can it be inconvenient and unsightly but living among poor conditions in your home can also put both yours and your family’s health and wellbeing at serious risk, especially when it comes to issues such as mould or rising damp around children and adults with respiratory conditions.

In many cases, if the disrepair issues include damp and mould, or structural issues, it will be your landlord’s legal obligation to deal with these problems in a timely manner. However, if you’re also struggling with stress, depression or any other mental health issues, you may find that discussing these problems with your landlords is an extremally overwhelming feat.

Legal advice for tenant suffering from mental health issues

If you have complained to your landlord about disrepair within your home but you are yet to see any action taken, our expert team may be able to help. At CEL solicitors, we understand that dealing with mental health issues, including stress, anxiety and depression, can be a daily battle – and having to chase your landlord for your basic human rights can really add to your stress.

Our friendly team of experts are more than equipped to deal with social housing complaints and believe that everyone has the right to live in a well-maintained and, more importantly, safe property. So, if you’re finding that dealing with your landlord is adding to your stress, let us help to take the stress from you! As well as being on-hand to provide information and advice about your rights as a tenant, we can help to lighten the load by dealing with your landlord on your behalf and making sure that all of the repairs are completed.

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