How to damp proof your home

Damp and mould can be a common problem in many homes; it can be intrusive, unsightly and can be damaging to both yours, and your family’s, health and wellbeing. As well as putting you more at risk of respiratory problems, chest infections, asthma and allergies, living in a damp home can also be detrimental to your immune system, which can be a particular issue if you have babies, small children, elderly people or vulnerable adults in the home.

Some of the symptoms of exposure to damp include:

  • Excessive sneezing
  • Skin rashes
  • Chesty coughs
  • A runny nose and red, watery eyes
  • Asthma attacks

How do I get rid of damp in my home?

If you, or any of your family members are displaying the above symptoms and you think exposure to damp might be the cause, it’s important that you damp-proof your home as soon as possible. As with many household issues, prevention is better than cure; so, try to keep on top of any external maintenance that could be causing the issue including:

  • Leaking walls
  • Gaps in window frames and doors
  • Leaking water from damaged gutters and downpipes

Damp can also be caused by condensation, so it’s important that you try to keep your home warm and well-ventilated. As well as using your household thermostat to maintain a constant temperature, it is important that you provide a route for moisture to escape from your home to help to minimise condensation. Check that washing machines and tumble dryers are plumbed in and vented correctly, for example, and install an extractor fan in bathrooms and kitchens where possible to remove any moisture created by cooking and bathing.

Finally, open windows whenever possible – this is especially important during the colder months when we spend more time indoors.

Damp in my home isn’t my fault

In many cases, damp and mould is caused because of disrepair to the structure of your home – so, if you are living in a rented property, it may be your landlord’s legal obligation to damp-proof your home and ensure that all exterior maintenance is carried out. At CEL Solicitors, our team of expert housing disrepair solicitors believe that everyone deserves to live in a safe property. If you believe that your landlord is not carrying out their legal requirements, or to find out your rights as a tenant, contact our expert team of friendly housing solicitors today on 0808 281 2660 or email