Cancer sufferer forced to live in nightmare flat

A mother of one in has told the Daily Mail about her ‘nightmare’ rented flat in Anfield, Liverpool. Catherine Davies, who was diagnosed with cancer of the womb 12 weeks ago and suffered a stillbirth in May 2018, has complained of damp, vermin, exposed wiring and squalid and unsafe conditions in her rented flat.

Her landlord claims he has already made several repairs and has not heard from Davies since early July. He has stated that he would be happy to make repairs in the future.

Davis told the Daily Mail in a heartfelt video:

“I am just fed up with the damp and the horrible smell. I used to worry that the place was a fire hazard due all the exposed wiring. I contacted the fire service and they have been around. They were very helpful and fitted a working smoke alarm, which gives us some peace of mind. And we have mice running around – I think they are coming in through a hole in the wall.”

Many of Davies’ complaints consist of Category 1 hazards that pose a serious threat to the health and safety of people visiting or living in the home. Recently published government figures found that 2.4 million people in England live in rented homes with Category 1 hazards.

Liverpool City Council has sent out an Environmental Health Officer to the property and have outlined repairs that the landlord needs to undertake but have not managed to follow up on those repairs at the time of writing.

All UK landlords, whether professional, private or the council, have implied responsibilities such as keeping the exterior of the property (walls, roof, foundations, drains etc..) in good repair and they must also keep basins, toilets, pipework, electoral wiring, boilers and any type of heating (amongst other things) in repair too.

Tenants that are being let down by their landlords and are living in properties which need serious repairs are able to seek specialist legal advice from our Housing Disrepair Team. We will listen to your story and help with advice and assistance. We work on a “no win no fee’” basis.