Liverpool authorities crack down on rogue landlords

Liverpool City Council, police and fire services have undertaken joint specialist operations to crack down on rogue, neglectful and unlicensed landlords. Families across the city have been living in unsafe housing and many tenants are afraid of eviction if they complain to their landlord, as reported by the Liverpool Echo recently. In the city, all private landlords of residential properties require a license for each property they rent out (with some exemptions), a cost of hundreds of pounds each time.

In a recent operation in Anfield, Liverpool Council’s Private Sector Housing Services found tenants, some with young children, living in terraced houses that have open sewers in the garden, collapsed ceilings, no working fire alarms, unsafe boilers and serious damp issues. Many tenants said that they were afraid of eviction if they complained to their landlord. However, if your landlord is unlicensed, they cannot legally serve a section 21 and evict you. The operation is aimed at driving up standards in the private rental sector and forms part of a comprehensive programme to expose dodgy and unlicensed landlords.

Many of the homes that were part of the crackdown have what is known as Category 1 hazards, which include things like broken boilers, bedrooms that are very cold, mould on the walls and ceilings, vermin and leaking roofs. Category 1 hazards are considered to pose a serious threat to the health and safety of the occupants of the property and visitors.

Landlords, whether in an area where licences are compulsory or not, have legal responsibilities to ensure that the properties they rent out are structurally safe, have working and safe utilities, working drains and guttering and are free from structural damp and vermin. Landlords must also complete any necessary repairs in a reasonable time.

If you are being let down by your landlord, it may be possible to make a compensation claim if the disrepair of the property has caused health issues, directly put anyone in the household at risk or harm or caused high levels of stress. Speak to our Housing Disrepair Team for advice and assistance on a “no win no fee’” basis today.