How hot weather can affect your rented home

The UK has been enjoying some unusually hot weather this year, but whilst sunny days might seem like good news, it’s not always the case when it comes to your home. Sustained high temperatures, and the other accompanying elements, can have a negative impact on various areas of our homes, and can even cause damage that requires repair.

Wooden windows and doors

If you have wooden exterior doors and windows, you may notice that they stick sometimes in the summer, and can even stop closing properly altogether. This is because the hot weather and accompanying humidity can combine to cause the wood to expand. This can happen with the frames as well as doors themselves, so doors that seemed to fit perfectly well a few months ago can become difficult to close or secure.

As the changes to the wood are often fairly minor, the issue can often be resolved using some coarse sandpaper. However, if that doesn’t solve the problem, and you live in rented accommodation, you will need to inform your landlord so that they can make the necessary repairs to ensure your home is able to be secured.

If the weather is exceptionally hot, and your door or windows are in the direct glare for a prolonged period of time, the heat can also affect the seals (or caulk) around the frames, causing it to contract or crack.


Temperature changes can cause brickwork to expand and contract, which can cause stress that forces the top layer of brick to crumble over time, or cracks to appear. Whilst hot weather is only part of this, if there are sudden storms accompanied by torrential rain to break up the sunny weather, the moisture can also cause porous brickwork to weaken.

Insects & pests

Warm weather can often be accompanied by a surge in insect numbers in the UK. Ants are commonly found infesting homes as they can get through the smallest of gaps underneath doors or around windows and they certainly don’t work alone! Blocking up their entrance points and making sure that all food waste is cleared away after use (including things such as crumbs on the floor) should help to stop them from returning. Open doors or windows during the summer are an invitation to house flies and wasps too, but ensuring there is nothing on show for them to eat can help to ward off the worst of these pests.

Summer storms & guttering/drainage

Sunny days can last for weeks (if we’re really lucky) but are usually followed, sooner or later, by storms and heavy rain. This rain, after many weeks of none, can cause real problems for some houses and gardens. If guttering or drains have become clogged with leaves, moss or other detritus that has collected there during the summer, heavy rain can cause these to overflow, which can mean water runs down walls or pools over the drain instead, soaking into porous brickwork. Ground that has been baked hard by the sun for weeks can also struggle to drain heavy rainwater quickly, so it’s not unusual for gardens to quickly become waterlogged. These issues will usually only cause temporary problems with your home, until the rain stops and things dry out, but it will highlight potential repairs that will be needed before the autumn hits and rain is more frequent.

If your home has been damaged by the weather this summer, and your landlord does not seem to be taking the repairs seriously, you may be eligible to make a claim. Speak to CEL Solicitors for free initial advice on your options.