Liverpool families too scared of their landlord to complain about serious disrepair

It has been reported that some families across Liverpool are living in less than desirable conditions because they are too scared that their landlords will evict them if they complain.

The Liverpool Echo revealed shocking pictures that have highlighted the poor conditions that some of Merseyside’s most vulnerable families are living in at the expense of their landlords.

The manager of Liverpool’s Private Sector housing services, Ms Louise Connelly has headed up a specialist operation set to crack down on rogue landlords in Anfield. She believes that many tenants across the city don’t complain about disrepair issues within their rented homes due to a widespread fear that they will lose their tenancy.

During the operation, a vulnerable tenant who has chosen to remain anonymous claimed that her landlord is refusing to repair damages in her home leaving her “petrified” of complaining for fear of eviction.

Ms Connolly, who was given permission to share this tenant’s story said, “I tried to reassure her that she is protected, and that because her property is unlicensed the landlord cannot just serve her a section 21 notice and evict her.


“But no matter how much reassurance I gave her she was absolutely petrified. She would not give a statement or formally give any complaints. She doesn’t want to get thrown out onto the streets and that’s what she thinks will happen if she makes a complaint.”

The operation, that was aimed at increasing the standards for tenants in the private rented sector, has been formed as part of a comprehensive programme of action to clamp down on dodgy or unlicensed landlords, of which there are an estimated 9,000.

My landlord hasn’t responded to my housing complaints

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