Rogue Landlords still renting out properties and UK government failing to protect tenants

A recent investigation by The Guardian newspaper and ITV news has discovered that despite some landlords having been ruled unfit to rent out their properties, they are using loopholes in current legislation to continue to operate. This means that some tenants are still being subjected to unsuitable, and sometimes dangerous, living conditions by landlords already classed as ‘rogue’.

Private landlords are required to pass a ‘fit and proper’ person test in England and Wales, before they can register with the council and start letting properties out to tenants. However, some landlords with previous convictions for housing offences are still in business, as the current laws only prohibit them from renting out properties in the borough where their conviction occurred; meaning they can simply start operating in the borough next door instead. These rogue landlords can even carry on renting their properties out in the same borough as their previous conviction, as long as they are managed by a third party.

The UK government introduced a central rogue landlords list earlier in 2018; however, six months on from this being set up, no landlords had been added to the database, despite more than 10,000 rogue landlords being known to operate in England alone. Even if some landlords are eventually added to the list, there are no plans to make the information available to the public, or potential tenants, which has angered those campaigning for better protection for renters. It seems that the very people the database was created to protect, will have no way of finding out if they are about to rent from a landlord who has a track record for breaking housing regulations.

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