Can you be poisoned by mould in the home?

A 29-year old woman believes that her chronic illness over the last few years stems from living in a home rife with mould several years ago. Emma Marshall lived in a flat in Hackney in 2014 that had significant mould in the bathroom. She asked her landlord at the time to repair the issue causing the mould, but nothing was done, and Ms Marshall started to feel ill the longer she stayed in the flat.

Her early symptoms included acne, aches, pains and exhaustion, which she concluded were down to the stress of her job in the music industry. After moving out of the mouldy flat after a year, Ms Marshall’s condition started to get worse, but none of the medical professionals were sure what was causing the escalated symptoms, which included infections and severe abdominal pains, in addition to nerve, joint and muscular pain, headaches and memory loss, insomnia, bloating, facial swelling and significant hair loss. It wasn’t until Ms Marshall’s conditions became so bad that she was bedbound in 2018, that she started looking for answers that her GP and other medical professionals were not able to give her.

After seeing a functional doctor privately in early 2019, a type of medicine that takes a holistic approach to illness, Ms Marshall was told that her body’s levels of mycotoxins (naturally occurring toxins caused by mould) were extremely high; more than nine times what is considered ‘safe’. With such high levels of toxins, Ms Marshall’s body was unable to process and get rid of them, which the functional doctor thought was resulting in her illness and worsening condition.

There is no treatment for Ms Marshall’s illness available on the NHS, so she plans to travel to a specialist clinic in Mexico when she has raised the necessary funds, which uses binders to gradually trap and move toxins out of the body, along with a type of stem cell rejuvenation treatment.

Damp and mould in the home can be very damaging to the health of anyone living there. If you live in a rented home and your landlord has not fixed the damp or mould problem, despite you having reported it, it may be possible to take legal action, on a no win, no fee basis, which forces your landlord to make the necessary repairs. Depending on the circumstances, you may also be eligible for compensation, especially if anyone in your home has suffered from a health condition related to the damp and mould. For a free claim assessment and to discuss your options, contact CEL Solicitors today, on 0808 273 0900.