If you are a tenant of Broxtowe Borough Council, your landlord has certain obligations to ensure that your home is structurally safe for you to live in, and that you are able to access essential services in your property. Whilst tenants also have responsibilities, such as keeping the house in a clean and tidy state, making minor repairs such as changing light bulbs and bleeding radiators etc, Broxtowe Borough Council is obliged by law to look after the structure of the property. Their responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Fixing any penetrating or rising damp issues
  • Keeping the roof, brickwork, guttering and drainage in good order
  • Ensuring the property can be secured i.e. operational doors and windows
  • Ensuring tenants have access to gas, electricity, water and adequate sanitation

When should I report disrepair in my home to Broxtowe Borough Council?

You should report any repairs that are needed to Broxtowe council as soon as you notice the issue. The sooner that any problems are reported, in theory, the sooner that they should be resolved. Depending on the nature of the repair needed, there are a couple of ways to notify Broxtowe council that you need them to fix something.

For non-emergency repairs, you can use their online form on the website and can request an appointment for someone to come round and assess or fix the problem. There are appointments available on weekdays and Saturday mornings. If an emergency repair is needed, for things such as electrical faults, no heating in the winter or a burst pipe inside your home, you can call their 24-hour emergency repairs line on 0115 917 7777.

What can I do if Broxtowe Borough Council don’t fix the problem properly?

There is no legal time limit in which Broxtowe council need to make the repairs, but it must be done in a ‘reasonable’ amount of time. If you have reported the nature of the repair needed to Broxtowe council through their online form or the phone line and they don’t seem to be taking the problem seriously, or the repairs they made have not fixed the problem properly, you may be eligible to make a claim for compensation and to ensure that the issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

You can contact CEL Solicitors for a free assessment of your claim and to discuss the options available to you. Get in touch with us on 0151 909 8212, or by emailing info@celsolicitors.co.uk today.