If you rent a house owned by Cambridge City Council, your tenancy agreement paperwork should outline your own responsibilities in terms of keeping the property in good order, and will also let you know that your landlord is obliged to ensure the structure of your home is safe, adequately maintained and repaired, when needed. Some of the things that your landlord is responsible for include:

  • Maintenance of drains, gutters and outdoor pipes
  • Fixing boundary walls and fencing
  • Access to electricity, gas, water and adequate sanitation
  • Maintenance of the roof and chimney

What do I do if my Cambridge City Council house need repairs?

You should always try to inform Cambridge Council about structural repairs as soon as you spot the problem. You can use their online form to report non-emergency repairs or call 01223 457 060 during office hours. If the repair is an emergency and the office is closed, you can call their out-of-hours line on 0300 303 8389.

Cambridge City Council categorise repairs in one of four ways:

  • Emergency repairs
  • Urgent repairs
  • Routine repairs
  • Long-term planned maintenance

Emergencies are issues that put people or property at high risk. They promise to deal with these within 24 hours.

Urgent repairs are important fixes, such as problems with a hot water supply or broken heating (in summer) and they pledge that these will be fixed within three working days.

Routine repairs are issues such as minor fencing work or gutters and drainpipe repairs. Cambridge council say they will carry out these repairs within 20 working days.

Long-term maintenance work includes things like servicing gas central heating and roofing maintenance. This type of work has no specific schedule.

What if Cambridge City Council don’t make the repairs when they say they will?

If you have reported the disrepair to Cambridge council and they don’t seem to be taking the problem seriously, or if they don’t make the promised repairs within a reasonable amount of time, as outlined above, you may be able to make a claim for compensation.

Contact CEL Solicitors to discuss the next steps and what can be done to ensure your home is properly repaired as soon as possible. Call 0151 909 8212, or email at info@celsolicitors.co.uk.