If you’re a tenant in a home owned by Canterbury City Council, your landlord has a legal duty to keep your home maintained structurally so that it is safe for you to live in. Tenants have an obligation to ensure that the home is kept clean, tidy and in good order, but the landlord is the one who needs to make repairs to anything related to the structure of the property. These landlord responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Fixing any penetrating damp issues and resulting mould
  • Ensuring the roof and chimney are in a good state of repair
  • Maintaining the guttering and exterior drainage pipes
  • Ensuring the tenants have safe access to water, gas and electricity

As well as being an inconvenience and often unsightly, disrepair can also have an impact on the tenants’ health and safety in some cases. For example, the presence of damp can be very detrimental to the very young, elderly or those with existing respiratory conditions.

When should I inform Canterbury City Council about disrepair in my home?

Canterbury City Council have contracted East Kent Housing to deal with repair and maintenance to their rented properties. This means that tenants of Canterbury council need to contact East Kent Housing’s repairs teams to report that works are needed.

For general household repairs or work needed to communal areas, contact Mears on 0800 3134 740 and for gas, hot water or central heating complaints, contact P&R on 0800 919 634. Both of these contractors have committed to respond to emergency repair requests within 4 hours and urgent repairs within 24 hours.

What happens if the repairs don’t happen when they should in my Canterbury City Council property?

If you have correctly reported the disrepair to Canterbury City Council or their contractors and they have not responded, or don’t seem to be taking the problems seriously and have not carried out the repairs within the timescales they set, you may be able to make a compensation claim against them. Contact CEL Solicitors to discuss your options and potential next steps, on 0151 909 8212.