Car dealership customer and employee details stolen following cyber attack - CEL Solicitors
Staff and customers at car dealership Sandicliffe could have had their personal information, including bank details, stolen following a cyber-attack on the company earlier this year.

The dealership, which has 10 showrooms across Nottingham, Leicester and Loughborough, was targeted by cyber criminals in February 2020, after an employee opened a link in an unsolicited email.

Those affected by the incident were recently alerted by Sandicliffe to confirm that their personal data had been breached – this included both current and past employees, as well as customers.

Among the details believed to have been stolen by the hackers were people’s names, dates of birth, bank account numbers and sort codes, National Insurance numbers, passport scans, salary levels and medical histories.

However, the amount of data taken will vary for each individual, dependent upon their role in the company and how much of their information was held on record.

The cyber-attack was initially reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), but it is believed that no further action will be taken.

Here at CEL Solicitors, we are already discussing breaches with those affected by the hacking – our data breach specialist, Mark Montaldo, says it’s essential to notify your bank if you think you could have had data stolen.

Mark, a director at CEL Solicitors, said: “We’ve seen time and time again how cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated in the way they access personal, sensitive information and how they go about using this data.

“They appear to have no preference in terms of sector, industry or type of data, causing a great deal of distress for those affected. It is therefore vital that action is taken as soon as a breach is noticed.

“In the case of Sandicliffe, it is concerning that there appears to have been a significant delay in notifying those who may have had their data breached, but it is essential that you notify your bank as soon as possible if you think you’ve been affected.

“With a total of 10 showrooms, this incident is likely to have affected hundreds, maybe even thousands of people – it’s therefore extremely important for the company, its staff and those customers who have been affected, to remain on alert for any unusual activity with their bank or with other personal information.”

If you think you may have been impacted by Sandicliffe’s data breach, contact our team of data breach experts to find out more about potential claims and compensation.

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