£13,000 compensation for pensioner who didn’t feel safe in her own home

CEL Solicitors have secured £13,000 compensation for a pensioner from Everton in Liverpool who no longer felt safe in her own home, due to a long list of repairs affecting the safety and security of her council house.

Sylvia, aged 77, was worried that neither her front or back door was secure, but the problems didn’t end there. There was a hole in the roof, resulting in ongoing leaks; damp throughout the property; cracks to the plaster work; exposed pipes as well as damage to the exterior brickwork, including vegetation growth and cracks.

In addition to causing a great deal of distress, the leaks proved very expensive as she had to replace her carpet and a mattress, which had been damaged by the water. She also had to replace her curtains and blinds as a result of the damp in the house.

Sylvia complained to her landlord, Your Housing Group, one of the UK’s largest housing providers, with more than 28,000 homes ranging from social housing through to privately rented accommodation. However, when they failed to make adequate repairs and fully resolve the issues within a four year period, she decided to seek legal advice.

CEL Solicitors arranged a joint inspection of the property with Outwood Surveyors, acting for the law firm and Craig Associates, acting for Your Housing Group. Together they agreed that repairs, costing around £2,000, were required to rectify the problems.

Your Housing Group subsequently agreed to settle the claim, completing all of the necessary works and paying £13,000 compensation for any inconvenience and discomfort caused.

Commenting on the case Paul Hampson, Managing Director at CEL Solicitors, said:

“As a vulnerable tenant it was imperative that our client received assistance in making a housing disrepair claim, as it is our experience that landlords often won’t carry out the work unless legal proceedings are threatened.

“Tenants have the right to live in a safe, secure and well maintained property so it is a sad state of affairs when people need to instruct a law firm to help get standard repairs at their property completed; but we are here to help.

“We’re are incredibly proud to have acted for Sylvia and helped her to get all of the outstanding repairs to her home fixed as well as securing compensation for the inconvenience and out of pocket expenses she had suffered.”