We are currently pursuing a group legal action against Lifecycle Marketing (Mother and Baby) Ltd, trading as Emma’s Diary and also known as LCMB for a serious data breach loss of over 1 million data records.

What is Emma’s Diary and who was compromised?

Emma’s Diary is an advisory website and mobile phone app with advice on pregnancy, baecoming a mother and babies. By registering with Emma’s Diary, users receive free packs, information and advice.

Considering this, the primary victim of data loss are mothers who registered or signed up to Emma’s Diary.


Data breach details

LCMB supplied over 1 million records to the Labour Party via Experian marketing under a data supply agreement – with the records being sent across on the 5th May 2017. The data was used by the Labour Party, a listed client of Experian Marketing, for targeted marketing ahead of the General Election.

Data disclosed included full name, address, the date of birth of the child and whether any children aged up to 5 lived at the property.


Why should you claim?

Data breach is a serious matter. Your data is valuable and under law, is protected by a number of acts to ensure that your personal information is not sold, lost or hacked.

The ICO (who regulate and fine companies and businesses for data breaches) believe LCMB were motivated by financial gain. Regardless of whether you have freely given your data, LCMB were under law to get consent to share or sell information on their customers. This disclosure was even against LCMB’s own privacy policy.

Your data was used for election profiling by the Labour party without your consent and you would had received post, email, phone calls or texts from the Labour Party that you did not consent to.


Are you eligible?

Did you:
  • Sign up to Emma’s Diary prior to 5 May 2017?

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