Tenant awarded £5,000 in recent Housing Association Disrepair Claim

A tenant of a large Housing Association contacted us in October 2017 after complaining to his landlord about defects to his property without any response from them. The tenant complained of damp and mould to the property, as well as damage to the guttering and exterior brickwork. The tenant was complaining to his landlord about the issues at his property for around 10 years.

We instructed a surveyor to attend the tenants property in November 2017 and found several items of repair that needed to be completed by the landlord, the costs of which being estimated at around £2,990.00.

We began negotiations with the landlord in January 2018 and an offer to settle the tenants claim was agreed by all parties in March 2018.

The tenant was awarded £5,000.00 in compensation and the landlord agreed to complete all outstanding works to the property as stated in the inspection report.

The landlord has already started taking steps to complete the works and the tenant is delighted that the repairs are finally being completed to his property.