Complaining about disrepair in an Acclaim Housing property

Acclaim Housing, now part of the Waterloo Housing Group, are responsible for maintaining the property’s structure, fixtures, and communal areas, and repairing as needed. This includes heating systems and any fittings which they have installed. Should any disrepair occur, it is important that you, as a tenant, report it immediately to the housing association so that they can fix it as quickly as possible.

Examples of disrepair include:

  • Cracks more than 5mm wide which need plastering
  • Faulty electrical fittings, including extractor fans, hard-wired smoke alarms, and light fittings
  • Damaged window frames and doors

Any delay in reporting disrepair, or in it being fixed, could result in further issues, leading to risks to health and safety and damage to belongings.

How do I report disrepair to Acclaim Housing?

There are several ways to get in touch with Acclaim Housing when you need a repair, depending on the urgency. All emergencies must be reported by calling 0800 435 016. Any complaint that is not classed as an emergency can be logged using the Your Repairs page on the Waterloo Housing Group website. Alternatively, minor repairs can be requested in writing, addressed to their main office.

When will Acclaim Housing carry out the repairs?

Acclaim Housing prioritise emergencies above all other repairs, aiming to get them fixed within 24 hours. Other repairs are classed into groups by their urgency, and if you have requested a repair, they will advise which category it falls into and give a timescale. If the disrepair worsens and becomes more urgent, or if you feel there has been an extreme delay in getting to your repair, you may be entitled to compensation.

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