Complaining about disrepair in a Bradford Council home

If you’re a tenant of Bradford Metropolitan District Council, you’ll usually deal with a housing association called Incommunities, which used to be called Bradford Community Housing Trust. All Bradford council homes were transferred to be managed by housing associations in 2003.

If you are an Incommunities tenant then you’ll have certain obligations when it comes to keeping your home in a good state of repair. However, for structural issues or if repairs are needed for permanent fixture and fittings, such as plumbing, electrical wiring and roofing, your landlord will be the one responsible for fixing the problems and arranging for repairs to be carried out. Their repair obligations include, but are not limited to:

  • Heating and hot water
  • Drains and gutters
  • Baths, basins and toilets
  • Interior walls, floors and ceilings

How do I report a repair for my Bradford home to Incommunities?

There are several different ways to report a repair to Incommunities, including by telephone, on 01274 257003, by webchat on their website, or via email, on

It’s important to report any damage to your home as soon as possible, so that the issue doesn’t get worse and cause even more problems.

Incommunities pledge to carry out emergency repairs within 24 hours. These are repairs that pose a risk to health and safety, such as total loss of power to the home, burst pipes or gas leaks. Urgent repairs, which affect your comfort or convenience, but do not offer an immediate risk to health or safety, should be completed within seven days. Routine repairs are carried out when the team are able to schedule the work in, and these are classed as not having serious detrimental affect or inconvenience to households.

What can I do if Incommunities don’t make the repairs properly?

If you have reported the repair(s) through the correct channels and don’t hear back from Incommunities, or if they attempt to fix the issue but don’t do an adequate job and the problem returns quickly, you may be able to make a claim against them. If successful, a disrepair claim not only means that the court will order the landlord to make the repairs as quickly as possible, in some cases it may also be possible to claim compensation for the impact that the disrepair has had on you or another member of your household.

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