Are you a tenant of Catalyst Housing Association? If so then your tenancy agreement and paperwork should detail which repairs the housing association will carry out, and which are your responsibility. If you have noticed that something in your home needs repairing, and it’s to do with the structure of the property or your safe access to essential services within the home, it is likely to fall under your landlord’s responsibility to fix. If you’re unsure who is responsible, contact Catalyst to find out. The things they claim to carry out repairs for include the following:

  • Heating systems, including central heating
  • Gas and water pipes
  • Sinks, baths, toilets, showers and taps
  • Electrical wiring or faults

How do I let Catalyst Housing Association know when my home needs a repair?

You should let Catalyst know as soon as you spot the problem. You can do this by filling in a form online for non-urgent repairs. If it’s an emergency, and you or your home are at risk of harm, you can call them on 0300 456 2099.

How long will it take Catalyst Housing Association to make the repair?

Catalyst will prioritise repairs depending on how urgent the problem is and if it risks the health or safety of tenants. They have three levels of repairs:

Emergency – where there is an immediate danger to those in the property or the building itself e.g. a serious water leak or burst pipe (Catalyst claim they will make the home safe within 24 hours)

Urgent – where there is no immediate danger, but if a repair is not carried out soon, there could be e.g. a blocked toilet or sink (Catalyst claim they will repair within a week)

Routine – where there is no serious risk to the health or safety of tenants (Catalyst claim to repair within 31 days)

I reported disrepair ages ago and the problem hasn’t been fixed, what can I do?

If Catalyst Housing Association have been informed of disrepair through the proper means and have not acted within a reasonable timeframe, they could be in breach of the law. Providing the tenant has reported the disrepair promptly, the housing association must respond within a reasonable timescale. If the repair was not satisfactory, or if you feel that you have been kept waiting an unreasonable amount of time for a repair and it has resulted in an injury, undue stress or damage to any of your personal belongings, you may be able to make a housing disrepair claim. To discuss this with one of our expert housing disrepair solicitors, get in touch on 0151 909 8212, or by emailing