Complaining about disrepair in a Leicester City Council property

If you are a tenant in a home owned by Leicester City Council, you have a right to expect your landlord to repair and maintain the structure of your property, and ensure that you, as their tenant, have safe access to essential services. You will also have your own responsibilities as tenant for the upkeep and maintenance of the home. Review your tenancy agreement for full details.

Leicester City Council’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Repairing external doors and windows so that the property can be secured
  • Ensuring that that structure of the property is legally safe
  • Fixing broken boilers or non-functioning hot water systems
  • Ensuring that there is reasonable access to sanitary facilities, for example; flushing toilets, working sinks and basins
  • Fixing broken stair treads or bannisters

A home that is unsafe for you and your family, due to disrepair, is a breach of your landlord’s duty and can be putting the health and safety of your household at risk – so, it is important that you report any issues as soon as possible.

How do I report disrepair to Leicester City Council?

As soon as you spot an issue in your rented home that may need maintenance or repairs, you should contact Leicester City Council as soon as possible. You can request a repair online, or if it is an emergency you should call 0116 254 9439. Emergency repairs will include:

  • Dangerous electrical faults
  • Fire damage
  • Heating failures involving elderly or sick people
  • Major plumbing faults resulting in large loss of water

If you request a repair it will be put in a category, depending on what needs doing and how urgent it is. Leicester City Council have a responsibility to carry out repairs within a time limit, which depends on the type of work it is. If the council has not finished the work in a reasonable time, or if they have ignored your request altogether, you may be entitled to claim compensation.

What if Leicester City Council don’t complete the repairs?

If you have reported the repairs needed through the right channels but Leicester City Council don’t seem to be taking the issue seriously or haven’t fixed the problem properly after a reasonable amount of time, you may be eligible to make a disrepair compensation claim. Call CEL Solicitors for a free claim assessment and to discuss your options, on 0808 273 0900.