Complaining about disrepair in a WDH property


WDH stands for Wakefield & District Housing. If you live in a WDH house, your landlord has specific responsibilities when it comes to maintaining the structure of your home and ensuring it is a safe place for you, and everyone else in your household, to live. Whilst tenants also have a responsibility for the maintenance of some areas and aspects of their house, WDH have obligations which include, but are not limited to;

  • Ensuring tenants have functioning drainage and sanitation systems e.g. toilet, sink, bath/shower
  • Ensuring tenants can safely access gas & electricity
  • Ensuring tenants have access to heating and hot water
  • Ensuring no structural defects in the property which carry risk of harm to people or property

For example, if you experience a total loss of power to your home, it’s you landlord’s responsibility to restore the essential services to your property within a reasonable timeframe.

How should I complain about disrepair to WDH?

If you spot a repair that needs doing in your home, you should report the problem to WDH as quickly as possible. You can do this by signing up for an online account through their website, or by calling OneCALL on 0345 8507 507.

The sooner you report any repairs that are required, the sooner that you should hopefully get the issue fixed. Also, leaving disrepair for a period of time can sometimes result in greater damage being done to the property, so it’s always advised to report it as soon as you can to WDH.

What can I do if WDH don’t fix the problem?

If you have submitted a repair request with WDH but they have not fixed the problem after a reasonable amount of time, you might find that you’re eligible to make a disrepair compensation claim. If you, or anyone who lives with you, has suffered as a result of the disrepair not being resolved more quickly, or if any of your personal belongings have been damaged by the problem, then it’s sometimes possible to claim for this, as well as for the repairs to be completed.

To discuss next steps, and for a free initial disrepair compensation claim assessment, you can contact CEL Solicitors today on 0808 273 0900 or 0203 925 4551; or email