Complaining about housing disrepair in a Barnet Homes property

If you live in a Barnet Homes property, you will have received information, when your tenancy started, about what your responsibilities are for maintaining the property, along with what the landlord should repair, when needed. The areas that Barnet Homes is responsible for repairing, include:

  • Drains, gutter and outside pipes
  • Footpath and/or steps leading up to the property
  • Roof and chimney (not sweeping the chimney)
  • Outside walls, exterior doors, windows and frames
  • The boiler and heating system
  • Internal pipes and fittings that provide water, electricity, gas or plumbing/sanitation to the home

If your home needs some of the above repairs, it could potentially not be a safe place to live until the problems are fixed. This is why it’s really important that you contact Barnet Homes as soon as you spot the issue, to make them aware of the repair(s) that need to be carried out.

How do I contact Barnet Homes about disrepair in my property?

There are a few different ways that you can contact Barnet Homes to tell them about the disrepair in your home. If the problem is an emergency i.e. if it is potentially dangerous, like a major water leak or an electrical fault, you should call their 24-hour emergency line, on 0800 389 5225. If you are having problems with your gas central heating, you can contact them on the above number too. For non-emergency repairs, you can contact them through their website.

Once your repair has been reported to Barnet Homes, they will contact you to make an appointment for the problem to be assessed. If it is not able to be fixed during that visit, further appointments may be needed for them to make a full repair on your home.

What can I do if Barnet Homes don’t carry out the repairs properly?

If you have reported the repair(s) needed to Barnet Homes, through the methods suggested above, but they haven’t got back to you or made any arrangements to assess the problem or make repairs in a reasonable amount of time, you might be eligible to make a housing disrepair claim against them.

At CEL Solicitors, we believe that everyone has a right to live in a home that is safe and free from hazards or disrepair. If your claim against Barnet Homes is successful, the court will order the repairs to be made and you may also be due some compensation. The compensation could be because someone in your home has been injured or suffered health problems because of the disrepair, or because it has meant that some of your personal belongings have been damaged and need to be replaced.

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