Complaining about housing disrepair in a Harrow Council property

If you’re a tenant in a house owned by Harrow Council, they a responsibility to make sure that the property you live in meets adequate standards and is structurally safe.  Tenants also have responsibilities when it comes to maintaining the interior of the house and, usually, any outside spaces on the property, but for anything structural, it falls to the landlord to maintain and make any necessary repairs. Their responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Ensuring tenants have access to functional sanitation systems e.g. toilet, sink, bath
  • Safe access to electricity and gas
  • Ensuring tenants have a functioning heating system and access to hot water
  • Ensuring tenants have a home free from penetrating damp

For example, if there is faulty electrical wiring in the house or a total loss of power, it’s the responsibility of Harrow Council to ensure that the property is made safe and that essential services are restored within a reasonable amount of time.

Can I complain to Harrow Council about disrepair in my home?

You should let Harrow Council know about any repairs that are needed as soon as you spot the problem. Leaving repairs unreported could make your house unsafe or result in more extensive damage over a period of time.

You can report a repair to Harrow Council by calling 0208 901 2630 (9am-5pm Mon-Fri) or access their out-of-hours emergency repairs service on 0800 614 456. You can also report repairs via their website.

Harrow Council claim that:

  • Emergency repairs (where the problem puts people or personal property at risk) are usually responded to within 4 hours
  • Urgent repairs are usually done within 1-5 working days
  • Non-urgent repairs are usually done within 20 working days

What happens if Harrow Council don’t do the house repairs?

If you have reported the repair that is needed and, after a reasonable amount of time, Harrow Council have not attempted to fix the problem, you may be eligible to make a disrepair compensation claim against your landlord. If anyone in your household has suffered as a result of the disrepair, or if any of your personal belongings have been damaged or destroyed by the problem, you might be able to claim for this, as well as for the necessary works to be completed.

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