Complaining about housing disrepair to Havering Council

If you’re a tenant in a London Borough of Havering Council property, some of the repairs that may be needed in your home are the responsibility of your landlord. You will also have some responsibilities when it comes to the maintenance of your home, but for anything structural or repairs to permanent fixtures or fittings, it is usually Havering council that is required by law to fix them. These repairs include, but are not limited to:

  • Problems with drains, guttering and external pipes
  • Issues with the roof, walls, external doors or windows
  • Boundary fencing or outbuildings that were in place when your tenancy started
  • Heating, hot water and sanitation systems

If your home falls into disrepair and is not fixed quickly, it can be very stressful and inconvenient; but in some cases, can also actually be dangerous or cause health problems for those in your household too. This is why it’s so important to report repairs like this to your landlord as soon as you spot there is a problem.

How do I report a home repair to Havering Council?

If you’ve got a repair to your home that you think is your landlord’s responsibility to fix, you can contact them via their online reporting system – SeeMyData. This also lets you see the status of any repairs you have previously reported and you can leave feedback on any repairs carried out by your council landlord.

If your repair is an emergency, which means that people’s safety or health is in danger, or the property is at serious risk of further damage, you can call 01708 756699 and they aim to respond within four hours to emergency call outs. They may not be able to make full repairs on that day; but, if not, the contractors should make things safe there and then, and make another appointment to complete the works at a later date.

What if Havering Council don’t make the repairs that my home needs?

Under law, there is no specific timeline for Havering Council to make the necessary repairs to your home, but they must do it within a ‘reasonable’ timeframe. If you’ve requested repairs through the correct channels but you feel that Havering council have not completed the repairs within a reasonable amount of time, you may be able to make a housing disrepair claim. This could also be the case if the initial problem was repaired poorly, so the problem returned or became worse as a result. If your claim is successful, the council will be ordered by the court to make the necessary repairs and, depending on the circumstances, you may also be eligible for compensation too, for any damage done to your belongings, any health problems caused by the disrepair, or the stress and anxiety that it has caused.

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