Complaining about housing disrepair in a One Manchester property


If you rent a house from One Manchester, they have certain responsibilities to help ensure the safety and maintenance of their properties. Whilst tenants also have responsibilities to maintain their home, it falls to One Manchester to make any structural repairs or carry out any necessary maintenance work related to permanent fixtures or fittings in the property. The areas that they have a legal obligation to provide for tenants include, but are not limited to:

  • A functioning heating system and access to hot water
  • Safe access to gas and electricity
  • Safe staircases and flooring
  • A home free from penetrative damp and resulting mould

For example, if flooring comes loose, becomes uneven or otherwise presents a trip hazard, it’s the responsibility of One Manchester to carry out repairs and ensure that the home is safe for the whole household to live in.

When should I tell One Manchester about disrepair issues?

You should report any repairs required to One Manchester as soon as you can, after discovering the problem. Depending on the type of repair needed, you can do this in a number of ways.

  • You can use their online service if you have a services account
  • You can call them on 0330 355 1000
  • You can email them on

They claim to respond to emergency repairs within 24-hours. This would include urgent repairs for issues such as a total loss of power supply, no heating during severely cold weather, securing broken door locks etc.

Appointable repairs are to fix problems which won’t cause immediate harm or damage to people or property and One Manchester claim to fix these types of issues within 20 working days.

Major repairs are those which might require specialist materials or extensive works and work will be carried out on an agreed date outside of the 20-day window for appointable repairs.

What happens if One Manchester fail to fix the disrepair?

If you have reported your disrepair to One Manchester and they have not attempted to fix the problem within the timescales they have given, you might be eligible to make a claim for compensation. If any member of your household has suffered as a result of the disrepair or any of your belongings have been damaged as a result of it, you might be able to claim for this.

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