Complaining about repairs to York Council

It is a landlord’s responsibility to ensure that their tenants live in a safe and secure property, free from structural damage and meeting the adequate standards of living for the tenant. If this isn’t the case and there are outstanding repairs on your home, York Council should be notified immediately; not only in order to make your home a safer place, but also to make sure that any outstanding issues don’t get worse. As landlords, York Council have a duty of care to make sure that:

  • The property is free from damp and mould
  • The property doesn’t have any structural damage which might make it an unsafe place to live
  • There is no dangerous wiring throughout the property
  • The property has running water and is free from plumbing issues

It is important that landlords carry out necessary repairs to ensure you live in a safe and secure home but as part of your tenancy agreement, you are also expected to look after the property, ensuring it is kept clean and tidy and to the standard it was at when you first moved in.

How to report outstanding repairs to York Council?

If you live in a property that is owned by York Council, please report any repairs as soon as possible. You can do this by calling 01904 551550 and pressing option 4 or option 1. The phone lines are open during office hours from 8.30am to 5pm Monday-Friday. When reporting a repair, please give your full name, address and a contact number as well as providing as much details as you can about the problem. Alternatively, you can report a repair online using an e-form or directly to a housing officer that has visited your home. If you have an emergency repair that you need to report and it is outside of regular office hours, please call 01904 630405.

What happens if York council don’t carry out the repairs needed?

If, after a reasonable amount of time has passed, you are unhappy with the repairs carried out by York Council or perhaps they haven’t carried out any at all, you may be eligible to make a claim against them and receive compensation – particularly if the unresolved repairs are posing a threat to yours and your family’s health. If your claim is successful, the council will be ordered to carry out the repairs as soon as possible and you may also be entitled to compensation, in some circumstances. For a free claim assessment or to discuss your options and rights, contact CEL Solicitors on 0808 273 0900 or email info@celsolicitors today.