Complaints about disrepair in a Brent Council home

If you’re a tenant of Brent Council, you’ll have a set of responsibilities outlined in your tenancy agreement about what you need to do to your home in terms of repairs and maintenance. As your landlord, Brent Council also have a set of responsibilities when it comes to ensuring your home is in a safe state of repair for your household to live in. Your landlord’s responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring you have safe access to water, gas, electricity and a heating system
  • Ensuring you have essential sanitation provision i.e. working toilet, sinks, bath and basins.
  • Making sure the structure of your home is in good repair e.g. roof and walls
  • Maintaining your drains, gutters and external pipes

If you notice that an area of your home is falling into disrepair, it’s your responsibility, as a tenant, to inform Brent Council as soon as possible. Problems or repairs in your home can be stressful to live with, and even damaging to your health, in some cases, so it’s vital to get them reported as quickly as you can.

How do I report disrepair in my property to Brent Council?

If your repair is an emergency, such as major damage to the roof, major flooding or a major electrical fault, you can contact the Housing Management Customer Response Team at Brent Council between 8am-5pm Monday-Friday, on 020 8937 2400. If you have an emergency repair outside of office hours, you can use their emergency line, on 020 8937 1234.

For non-urgent repairs, which is counted as anything that doesn’t risk the immediate health or safety of people or property, then you can call the team during office hours on 020 8937 2400 or email them on You can also report non-urgent repairs online through their website.

What if I don’t hear back from Brent Council about my repairs or they fail to carry them out properly?

If you reported your repair to Brent Council through their phone line, through email or via their online form, and they haven’t responded in a reasonable amount of time, you may need to follow this up with them.

If you have followed up your complaint and still no one has contacted you about your repair, or if Brent Council put a temporary repair in place but haven’t completed the job even after several weeks have gone by, it may be possible for you to make a claim against them to ensure that the essential works are carried out. If your claim is successful, a court will order Brent Council to make the repairs, and you may also be due some compensation, especially if anyone in your household has been hurt or become ill as a result of the disrepair not being dealt with quickly.

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