Council Housing Complaints

If you are living in rented accommodation run by the Council Housing and Housing Association, your landlord has a legal duty to carry out any necessary council housing repairs and maintenance on the property.

Living in a property that is falling into disrepair can be damaging to both yours and your family’s health and wellbeing – particularly when it comes to small children or more vulnerable adults. If you have reported your concerns to your landlord but have failed to see any action, council housing solicitors may be able to claim against them on your behalf for both compensation and for the repairs in question.

Council Tenants Rights

Legal protocol states that the contract signed between you and your landlord when moving into rented council accommodation, is an agreement that both of you will keep the property up to the required standard of living.

These standards include, but are not limited to:

  • Adequate access to hot water and heating
  • A safe, well-maintained and structurally sound building
  • Proper working sanitation – including drains, sinks, toilets,
    baths and basins.
  • Gutters that are free from blockage
  • Access to electricity and gas
  • A damp-free and pest-free home

For example, your council home may have no heating or hot water, or may suffer from rising damp damage that has been caused by building work issues on the property. Not only can this be inconvenient and unsightly, but health problems can often arise because of it. So, if you have found yourself suffering as a result of poor living standards then we can help you.

Council Housing Solicitors

At CEL Solicitors we take council housing complaints very seriously and believe that everyone deserves to live in a safe, well-maintained property.

As a tenant, we understand that you may have concerns about claiming against your landlord, but you don’t have to suffer unnecessarily. To find out your rights as a tenant and for a free initial assessment of your claim contact us today on 0808 281 2660 or 0203 893 2499; or email

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