Half a million customers can now sue BA over 2018 data breach - CEL Solicitors
Following a legal verdict granting group litigation orders, half a million British Airways customers have been given the go-ahead to sue the airline company over its data breach in 2018.

Between April and September 2018, some 500,000 people were affected by a series of breaches, risking passenger data including names, addresses and payment information. British Airways was since fined £183 million over the breach, but now customers have been given the all-clear to pursue legal action and financial compensation for any losses.

young girl trouble with credit card data breach issue


With many passengers forced to change their bank accounts or credit cards due to the breach, the potential compensation for affected customers could be huge.

Paul Hampson, Director at CEL Solicitors said;

“The time to act against British Airways is now. With a High Court Judge approving group litigation, this means affected customers can band together to pursue legal action as a group. The benefits of this are shared risk and camaraderie, but a group litigation also means much more evidence of negligence to put forward in front of judge. In the case of British Airways, individual claimants could find a legal case scary and off-putting; David taking on Goliath, but in group cases, you can join together and stand up to these large corporations together.

“Here at CEL Solicitors, we would urge anyone who thinks they have a valid claim against British Airways to contact us immediately so we can discuss the details with you.”

With hackers accessing the BA website and mobile app, they had access to everything from personal information to card details and email addresses. Some passengers were taken to a fake website when booking which harvested their data. Compensation for such a loss could be in the thousands.

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