House disrepair complaints for a Tower Hamlets Homes property

If you’re a tenant in a Tower Hamlets Homes property then your landlord has certain responsibilities when it comes to maintaining and repairing your house. There are some kinds of home repair and maintenance tasks which are the tenant’s responsibility to look after, such as fixing things which have been damaged or are faulty as a result of action taken by the residents. However, any problems that are due to the structure of the house, or some permanent fixtures and fittings, are down to Tower Hamlets Homes to repair. Your landlord’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Ensuring floors and floorboards are safe
  • Ensuring that essential sanitary systems are operational (toilet, sink, bath)
  • Safe access for the tenants to gas, electricity and hot water
  • A functioning heating system

So, for example, if floorboards are faulty or stair treads are broken, it is the responsibility of Tower Hamlets Homes to repair the problem and ensure that any structural issues with the house are resolved within a reasonable amount of time.

When should I complain to Tower Hamlets Homes about disrepair?

You should report any repairs that need carrying out to Tower Hamlets Homes as soon as you spot the problem. This should enable your landlord to assess the issue and make any repairs before the damage gets worse. You can report a repair to Tower Hamlets Homes online or by telephone on 0800 376 1637 or 020 7364 5015. Emergency repairs must be reported by phone to enable an urgent response.

The time it takes for repairs to be carried out will depend on the urgency of the problem. In the case of out-of-hours emergencies, sometimes a temporary repair is carried out within a few hours, with a full repair taking place at a point afterwards.

What if Tower Hamlets Homes haven’t repaired my house as promised?

If you have reported any repairs needed to Tower Hamlets Homes through the proper channels and they have not attempted to carry out the work within a reasonable timeframe, or have repeatedly failed to fix the problem despite it being reported each time, you could potentially be eligible for making a compensation claim against them. If you, or another member of you household, have suffered as a result of the disrepair or if your personal belongings have been damaged by the problem, you might be able to claim compensation for this, as well as for the repair works to be carried out.

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