Housing disrepair complaints with a Contour Homes property

If you’re a tenant in a property provided by Contour Homes, then it’s their legal responsibility to perform any necessary housing repairs and maintenance. Just some of the duties under Contour Homes’ remit include:

  • Securing trip or fall hazards including uneven flooring and unsafe stairs
  • Pest control (if vermin and insects are entering the property due to disrepair)
  • Providing full access to hot water, heating, gas and electricity
  • Ensuring the property remains structurally sound
  • Removing defective electrical wiring and brickwork

Some people might feel they may be causing a fuss by reporting issues such as leaks or plumbing problems. In reality, a lot of these issues can fall under the umbrella of housing disrepair, and could potentially cause serious issues within the property, as well as health problems in the worst-case scenarios.

Rising damp and mould, for instance, if left untreated could potentially lead to issues such as skin, eye and throat irritation as well as potential respiratory problems. These issues and others can all accumulate at homes in certain stages and states of housing disrepair.

Should I take my housing complaints to Contour Homes?

Yes. Contour Homes should be alerted as soon as possible if you have any housing complaints regarding disrepair and other issues. Contour Homes can be contacted by calling 0345 602 1120, with their site saying they’ll respond to emergencies and dangerous situations within 24 hours. Other repairs (classed as Category 2 or 3) could take up to 28 days to resolve.

What if Contour Homes doesn’t resolve my housing complaints within 28 days?

If you’ve reported housing complaints to Contour Homes regarding a property and no action has been taken to resolve the issue within 28 days, a specialist solicitor could be able to make a housing disrepair claim against them on your behalf for the repairs in question and compensation.

Find out more about your rights as a tenant and get a free initial assessment of your claim by contacting CEL Solicitors today on 0808 273 0900 or 0203 925 4551; or email info@celsolicitors.co.uk