Housing disrepair complaints with The Guinness Partnership rented properties

By law, if you rent a property from The Guinness Partnership, the tenants and the housing association are legally obliged to ensure that the property it maintained to a reasonable standard of living.

This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Access to hot water, heating and adequate sanitation – for example, sinks, toilets, baths and drains
  • A structurally safe property
  • A home that is free from damp, mould and vermin
  • Gas and electricity access

If, for example, after you have signed your rental agreement, The Guinness Partnership fail to deal with any repairs that are required to the structure of your home, or you are left without access to drainage, you may be qualified to claim against them for both compensation and for the repairs in question.

Poor living standards in your rented home can not only create an unpleasant environment, but they may also put both yours and your family’s health and wellbeing at serious risk, especially when you look at the dangers of issues such as mould or rising damp around children or adults with respiratory conditions.

At CEL Solicitors, our experts are well-versed in dealing with social housing complaints and believe that everyone has the right to live in a well-maintained and, most importantly, safe home.

Is it possible to complain to The Guinness Partnership about disrepair in my home?

Yes, all concerns regarding home disrepair should be reported to The Guinness Partnership as quickly as possible. If you have an emergency, (for example, complete loss of power or no heating or hot water during winter) you can call 0303 123 1890 and The Guinness Partnership will fix or make an emergency repair safe within 24 hours. All other repairs will be dealt with within 28 days

Is there anything I can do if The Guinness Partnership haven’t dealt with my housing complaint?

Yes, as a tenant you do have rights. If you have reported any concerns to The Guinness Partnership, but you believe that they are failing to deal with the issues within a reasonable amount of time, a housing association solicitor may be able to help you to claim against them. If successful, you may be able to claim for both the repairs, along with compensation.

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