Housing disrepair complaints with a Helena Homes property

It’s the legal duty of Helena Homes to deal with issues regarding housing disrepair complaints and to perform repairs and maintenance on the property. Issues under their remit include, and aren’t limited to:

  • Providing access to a fully-functioning heating system
  • Fixing damp and mould issues caused by disrepair including leaks and faulty guttering
  • Repointing damaged brickwork to ensure structural integrity
  • Providing repairs to floors and stairs to negate trip hazards
  • Fixing disrepair that could lead to entry by pests and vermin

Issues such as lack of hot water can be a huge inconvenience, especially for family-sized tenants of a property. Housing disrepair can also cause serious health and safety issues too; defective brickwork can represent a significant hazard to the structural composition of a property, for instance, that could increase damp, mould or even collapse in a worst-case scenario.

Damp and mould within the walls could also present health issues including skin and throat irritation to both adults and children if the problems caused by disrepair aren’t effectively sorted.

Should I take my housing complaint to Helena Homes?

Yes. Any housing complaints you may have regarding your tenancy should be reported to Helena Homes as soon as possible. Helena Homes say to call 01744 637383 when a fault could damage your health or the property, and that emergency repairs are dealt with within four hours. They say they will offer an appointment for non-emergency repairs within 15 working days, and the quickest way to report it is through their website.

What if Helena Homes doesn’t deal with my housing complaints within 15 working days?

If you are concerned about a housing disrepair situation, have reported it and it still hasn’t been addressed by Helena Homes within 15 working days, solicitors could be able to make a housing disrepair claim on your behalf for both the repairs in question and compensation.

For a free initial assessment of your claim and to discover more about your rights as a tenant, contact CEL Solicitors today on 0808 273 0900 or 0203 925 4551; or email info@celsolicitors.co.uk