Housing disrepair complaints with a Leeds City Council property

It is the responsibility of Leeds City Council, and their legal duty, to provide council tenants with specific property repairs and maintenance whenever issues are raised. Categories those repairs fall under include, and aren’t limited to:

  • Pest control, especially if vermin enter property through disrepair
  • Providing adequate access to hot water, heating, electricity and gas
  • Making sure the structure of the building is safe and sound
  • Dealing with defective brickwork and dangerous electrical wiring
  • Dealing with leaks, mould, damp, trip and fall hazards caused by disrepair

Some housing disrepair issues can, on the surface, look like little more than an inconvenience, such as vegetation growth and build up on the building’s exterior. Leave it untreated though and vegetation build up could lead to potentially dangerous situations; excessive growth of vegetation could affect the structural integrity of a building, for example.

It could also lead to an increase in damp and mould, which could cause health issues in both adults and children. Leaving property in a state of disrepair in this way could also introduce points of access for pests and vermin.

Should I take my housing complaints to Leeds City Council?

Yes. Leeds City Council should be made aware of any housing complaints and disrepair issues you may have as soon as possible. Repairs and emergencies can be reported on 0800 188 4000, with Leeds City Council saying they will attend within three hours, and complete an emergency repair within 24 hours. Priority repairs could take up to seven working days to carry out, while general repairs could take 20 working days.

What if Leeds City Council hasn’t responded to my housing complaint in 20 working days?

If you have concerns about housing disrepair, have contacted Leeds City Council and the issue hasn’t been resolved within 20 working days then you may be able to make a housing disrepair claim for both the repairs in question and compensation through a solicitor acting on your behalf.

If you’d like to know more about your rights as a tenant of Leeds City Council and want a free initial assessment of your claim, start your claim today.

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