Housing Disrepair complaints for a Salix Homes property

If you live in a property managed by Salix Homes, your landlord has a legal responsibility to ensure that the house is maintained to an adequate standard structurally, making sure that it’s a safe place for the whole household. Whilst tenants also have responsibilities to help ensure the home is maintained in a reasonable state, structural repairs and keeping permanent fittings and fixture or essential services in good order falls to Salix Homes. Their duty of care to their tenants includes, but is not limited to:

  • Ensuring a home that is free from penetrative damp and resulting mould
  • Providing safe access to gas, electricity and hot water
  • Ensuring sanitary systems are operational i.e. sinks, bath, toilet
  • Providing a functioning heating system

For example, if broken guttering/drainage or worn brickwork is resulting in damp issues within your Salix Homes property, it is their responsibility to make the repairs, including redecoration if required. If this type of problem is not fixed, it can cause widespread damage to the home and the damp can result in mould, which is known to exacerbate existing health problems, especially respiratory issues.

It is down to Salix Homes to ensure that the house you live in is safe and maintained to a good state structurally.

Should I complain to Salix Homes about disrepair in my house?

It’s important to report any disrepair issues to Salix Homes as soon as possible after you discover the problem. You can report an emergency repair by phone, on 0800 218 2000.

Emergency repairs are those which pose a risk to people or property if not fixed straight away. This could include serious electrical faults, major leaks or something which means your property isn’t secure, such as broken doors or unsecure window locks.

All other non-emergency repairs can be reported via the Salix Homes website. They claim that if you set up a ‘My Salix account’ you can log in and check the progress of any repairs you have reported whenever you like.

What can I do if Salix Homes don’t make the housing repairs that are needed?

If you have reported the disrepair to Salix Homes and they don’t respond or don’t attempt to make the repairs within a reasonable amount of time, you might be eligible to make a housing disrepair claim against them. If any of your belongings have been damaged by the problem, or if you, or another member of your household, has suffered as a result of the issue, you might be able to make a claim.

For a free initial assessment of your disrepair claim against Salix Homes, contact CEL Solicitors today on 0808 273 0900 or 0203 925 4551; or email info@celsolicitors.co.uk