Housing disrepair complaints for Wirral Methodist Housing Association tenants

If you are a tenant of Wirral Methodist Housing Association, they have a legal duty to ensure that your home meets certain standards and is a safe place to live. As a landlord, their legal responsibilities include, but aren’t limited to, ensuring that you have:

  • A home that is free from penetrative damp
  • Safe access to hot water, gas and electricity
  • A heating system that functions
  • Operational sanitary systems i.e. toilet, sinks, bath

So, for example, if your only toilet stops flushing, it’s the responsibility of Wirral Methodist Housing Association to get the toilet fixed so that the health and safety of people living there is not negatively affected.

At CEL Solicitors, we believe that every tenant has the right to live in a safe environment, so part of our job is to help ensure that housing associations, like Wirral Methodist, fulfil their obligations to their tenants.

Should I complain to Wirral Methodist Housing Association about disrepair in my home?

You should report any complaints or problems that need fixing in your home to Wirral Methodist as quickly as possible. This can be done via phone by calling (in office hours) 0151 647 5471 or (outside of office hours in an emergency) 0844 822 6217.

They claim to have three levels of repair response, depending on the severity of the issue.

  • Emergency – (within 24 hours of being notified of the problem) for repairs which are considered a serious risk to the household’s health & safety
  • Urgent – (within 5 working days of notification) for repairs which deprive tenants of basic amenities
  • Routine – (within 28 calendar days) for repairs which are not considered to be causing immediate damage to the building, occupiers or neighbouring properties

What if Wirral Methodist Housing Association haven’t dealt with my housing complaints?

If you have reported the complaint(s) to Wirral Methodist Housing Association and repairs have not been made within the timescales they have given, you may be eligible to make a claim for compensation. If you, or any other members of your household, have suffered or become ill as a result of the disrepair, or any of your belongings have been damaged, you might be able to claim for this.

For more information about your rights as a Wirral Methodist Housing Association tenant, and for a free initial assessment of your claim, contact CEL solicitors today on 0808 273 0900 or 0203 925 4551; or email info@celsolicitors.co.uk