Housing repair complaints for Liverpool Mutual Homes houses

As a tenant living in a property run by Liverpool Mutual Homes (LMH), you have a right to expect that your landlord will keep your house in an adequate state of repair and ensure that it’s structurally safe for you and any other residents to live in.

The responsibilities that Liverpool Mutual Homes have a duty to uphold include, but are not limited to, the below:

  • Safe access to heating, hot water, electricity and gas
  • A house free from penetrative damp
  • A house with functioning sanitary fixtures and fittings e.g. toilet, bath, sinks
  • A house with a safe staircase

For example, if your boiler stops working and you therefore have no way of heating your home, it is the responsibility of LMH to fix the problem and return your access to a functional heating system. If this type of repair is needed, it’s more than just an inconvenience; a lack of heating can be dangerous in colder months, especially for those who are very young, elderly, or have existing conditions that make them vulnerable to health issues if exposed to low temperatures at home.

We believe that it’s every tenant’s right to live in a home which is safe for them and their family.

How do I report a housing repair complaint to Liverpool Mutual Homes?

You should always report any problem with your LMU property as quickly as possible, once you have identified that there is an issue. In theory, the sooner you report it, the sooner that they can organise repairs for your house.

You can request repairs from LMH by phone on 0800 678 1894. Liverpool Mutual Homes claim to respond to repair requests in one of three ways, depending on the nature of the work required.

  • Emergency repairs – Attend and make safe within 2 hours; return to complete repairs within 24 hours. These include repairs which put the health of tenants or visitors at risk
  • By arrangement – Complete routine repairs, which won’t cause tenants major inconvenience, within 20 calendar days
  • Planned repairs – Complete these types or repairs (usually structural works) within 3 months, or they may be added to other planned works and completed in a ‘reasonable’ timescale.

What if LMH don’t repair my house after I report the problem?

If you have reported a necessary repair to your house to Liverpool Mutual Homes and they have taken no action to fix the problem after a reasonable amount of time has passed, it might be possible for you to make a compensation claim. If you, or anyone else who lives there, has suffered as a result of the disrepair, or belongings have been damaged or destroyed as a result of it, you might be able to claim from LMH for this, as well as for the repairs being done.

For free initial legal advice on your tenant rights and whether you might have a potential housing disrepair claim, contact CEL Solicitors on 0808 273 0900 or 0203 925 4551; or email info@celsolicitors.co.uk