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At CEL Solicitors we provide the best service from start to finish, even AFTER your claim has settled.

After your claim has settled with your landlord (who will have formally agreed to carry out the repairs to your home), we know that some landlords break their agreement and refuse or delay your agreed repairs. That’s where our Repairs Team comes in to provide you with continued legal support and, if possible, more compensation.



At CEL Solicitors, we ensure that you and your repairs are not forgotten. This is why, unlike most other housing disrepair firms, we have a specialist team that focuses on ensuring the repairs to your property are carried out.

They will help ensure:

  • Your compensation is paid and on time;
  • Your agreed repairs have been carried out to a reasonable standard and in the agreed time; and
  • Our costs are paid.



As expert housing disrepair solicitors, we pride ourselves on our high quality and excellence in legal advice, but our core value is ‘people before profits’ and so our clients’ needs are always at the forefront of everything we do.

Our Repairs Team will:

  • Continue to support you;
  • Ensure your agreed repairs are carried out; and
  • Continue to hold your landlord to account

Additionally, our Repairs Team can:

  • Provide additional legal advice;
  • Obtain extra compensation for you due to the delay; and
  • Take enforcement action against your landlord through the courts


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Before instructing us, we know that some renters have waited for up to a decade for repairs and have been forced to live in properties that are classified as unfit for human habitation under the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018. This is why it’s so important that you have trained specialists at your side to help you seek the justice you deserve.

Deepa Chand, Paralegal within the Repairs Team at CEL Solicitors, said:
“While many landlords will comply with the terms of agreement after the case has been settled, there are always some that miss deadlines, or fail to keep our clients updated on the progress of repairs. We often find that landlords also try to do patch-up works or only do part of the works agreed in our surveyor’s report. In these situations, our Repairs Team can take enforcement action in the courts to ensure your landlord does not get away with unreasonable behaviour.

“At CEL Solicitors, we don’t close a file until we are happy that all of the agreed repairs have been completed and our client has been sufficiently compensated for any unreasonable delays. Our dedicated Repairs Team continue to liaise with you and pursue your landlord to ensure your house is made a home once again.”


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