It wasn’t so long ago that we were being urged to look into whether we could make a PPI claim. In fact, this month marks a year since the deadline passed for claiming against lenders who mis-sold PPI policies, otherwise known as payment protection insurance, and the topic is gathering pace once more.

The insurance was sold to those taking out mortgages, loans and credit cards, meaning that, should they be unable to keep up repayments due to sickness or unemployment, then they would be covered and would not need to worry.

As we now know though, the product was incredibly lucrative to banks, with many customers being told it was compulsory when borrowing money or, in some cases, unaware of even taking it out. Of course, many people did opt for PPI for peace of mind that they’d be supported with repayments if needed. However, a huge proportion of those taking it out were mis-sold to on the basis that they’d never be able to claim on it; for example, if they were self-employed or retired.

In total, more than £38 billion was paid out in claims to those customers who were mis-sold PPI. But, despite the deadline to make a PPI claim having passed, it’s still possible to claim for the commission that was attached to a PPI policy. Think this could apply to you? Then keep reading…



A Plevin claim is named because of a Mrs Plevin, who brought forward a claim after finding out that a staggering 71.8% of the cost of her PPI policy was a commission to her lender. In 2014, the Supreme Court deemed this as creating an ‘unfair relationship’ and, as such, Mrs Plevin won her PPI case.

On average, commission rates on PPI sales were 67%, although we have seen cases where commission was as high as 100%!



If you have already made a PPI claim, and you were successful, then you cannot make a Plevin claim. However, we would recommend that you check whether you are eligible for a tax refund on the basis that the lender deducted tax before sending the money on to you.

However, if you haven’t yet made a PPI claim, or if your PPI claim was unsuccessful, then you could be eligible to make a Plevin claim. If you have received a partial offer known as a ‘Tipping Point Offer’ then you may also be able to claim the rest of the commission.



For PPI, yes! But this is a different type of claim, and so you are still able to make a Plevin claim.

Our head of financial mis-selling says this is a ‘second layer’ to the PPI scandal and that we can expect to see a fresh wave of PPI-related claims.

She said: “The point to remember here is that the deadline for PPI claims passed in August 2019 – but if you had a PPI policy and were not aware of the commission your lender took at the time, you could now be eligible for compensation.

“It’s essential that banks are held to account for what is yet another example of consumers being misinformed and mis-sold to.”


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