Making a disrepair complaint about a Camden Council property

If you live in home owned by Camden Council, your tenancy agreement should outline the responsibilities that you have, as a tenant, to keep your property in good order. Your landlord also has a set of responsibilities, which usually relate to the structure of the building and any permanent fixtures and fittings. As your landlord, Camden Council are usually responsible for ensuring:

  • You have safe access to heating, hot water and electricity
  • You have working sanitation e.g. toilet, sink, bath
  • Your property is free from penetrating damp
  • Any staircases or flooring are safe to walk on

If your home has fallen into disrepair, it can mean that it’s unsafe for you and your household to live there. Problems such as damp can cause some serious health concerns, especially for the young, the elderly, or those with existing respiratory conditions. It’s important that any issues like this are fixed as quickly as possible.

How do I complain to Camden Council about disrepair in my home?

If you are experiencing problems in your property that are your landlord’s responsibility to repair, you can get in touch with Camden Council by phone, on 020 7974 4444 (choose option 3, then option 1 and then select your local district). You can also use their online repair ordering tool via the website, by logging in using your resident account. If you don’t yet have a resident account, you can create one on the website. You will need to give full details of repair that you wish to report and an appointment will be offered for someone to assess the problem. If the necessary repair cannot be made on the day, they will arrange another appointment to fix the issue.

What if Camden Council don’t repair my home when they said they would?

If you have reported the disrepair to Camden Council correctly but they fail to make the repairs, or the problem returns and they don’t take steps to permanently fix the problem, you may be eligible to make a claim against them. If your claim is successful, they would be ordered by the court to make the repairs as quickly as possible. You could even be eligible for disrepair compensation, if anyone in your home has been injured or suffered ill health as a result of the problem, or if any of your personal belongings have been damaged.

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