Midlands News Association is Britain’s largest independent regional news company. It publishes the UK’s biggest-selling regional daily newspaper, the Express & Star, as well as other titles. The publisher suffered a data breach with journalists’ personal data being published online.


What happened in the Midlands News Association data breach?

On 14th January 2021, the Midlands News Association first discovered that they had suffered a data breach and consulted IT forensic specialists to look into the matter. It wasn’t until 22nd February that the specialists confirmed that publisher had in fact been targeted in a cyber-attack.

It was revealed that an unauthorised third party had accessed certain folders on the company’s systems and published the information online.


What information was accessed in the Midlands News Association data breach?

The information accessed in the data breach was names, home addresses, bank account details, National Insurance numbers, and the date of birth of several former employees.

The publisher has refused to confirm how many people were affected by the data breach, however, Hold the Front Page have reported that victims from as long ago as 2011 may have been affected.


What is Midlands News Association doing about the data breach?

Midlands News Association is working with law enforcement to try to stop the continued publication of the sensitive data.

The risks involved with a data breach of this scale can include fraud or identity theft. Midlands News Association managing director, Graeme Clifford, has therefore urged victims to ‘exercise increased vigilance in all matters relating to [their] personal details’.

To support the victims, Midlands News Association has offered free 12-month credit and identity monitoring, as well as a support helpline.

Mark Montaldo, a director at CEL Solicitors and experienced data breach solicitor, commented on the Midland News Association data breach saying: “Journalists, many of whom cover divisive issues, would naturally expect their personal data, including their home addresses, to be safeguarded. Unfortunately, we are seeing an increase in hackers targeting employers and employee data. It is therefore imperative that organisations take every possible preventative measure to guard against these sophisticated cyber-attacks.”


Have you been affected by a data breach? Make a claim today.

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