Moss Bros, the formal menswear specialist, has written to all its current and former employees to notify them their personal data has been breached.

The clothing company, which has over 100 stores nationwide, was subject to a data breach when an unknown third party accessed its systems on or around 26th April this year.

The data, held by an external software provider, included employee information, which was not only accessed but also downloaded during the data breach. As such, the employer is now warning its staff, past and present, to be on their guard in the event their information is now in the hands of cyber-criminals.

Information that was compromised in the data breach includes: name, maiden name, address, email, telephone number, bank account details, national insurance number, pension details, passport / driver’s license information, visa details, birth certificate and employment records including health data, criminal record and insurance information.

Due to the sensitive nature of the information involved in the data breach all of those affected have been given access to a twelve-month free credit and web monitoring service. They’ve also been asked to remain vigilant and consider changing their passwords, looking out for unusual financial transactions, scrutinize any correspondence from financial institutions, such as HMRC, and to check their bank accounts and credit accounts for unusual activity.

Commenting on the data breach, Mark Montaldo, a director who specialises in employer data breaches at CEL Solicitors, said: “Employees of Moss Bros will be rightfully concerned about this data breach and what it could mean for them. A significant amount of personal data was compromised in the breach, which could have serious financial implications if they become the subject of identity theft or are targeted by scammers. We’ve already received enquiries from worried employees and would urge anyone else impacted by this breach to remain vigilant and get in touch if they would like further advice.”

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