Neighbour Dispute Solicitors / Claims

The last thing anybody wants is to bring problems to their front door, which is why neighbour disputes can be very difficult to navigate. This becomes even more of an issue when one party refuses to co-operate or becomes confrontational and refuses to negotiate over issues. In cases like this, matters can often escalate to the point where legal action becomes inevitable.

Neighbour disputes can come in many different forms, but some of the most common reasons individuals looks to take legal action against their neighbours include:

  • Boundary disputes
  • Party wall disputes
  • Disputes over Japanese Knotweed
  • Issues regarding planning permission and building works (for example, extensions)
  • Noise and nuisance
  • Privacy issues (for example, concerns regarding the use of CCTV)
  • Issues regarding pets and/or pest control
  • Anti-social behaviour (drunkenness, drug taking/dealing, graffiti, verbal abuse, physical abuse)
  • Blocked drains, gutters and broken pipes
  • Obstructing driveways

Settling neighbour disputes

If you feel safe to, the first step to resolving any disputes with your neighbours is to talk to them and try to reach a compromise together. Unfortunately, however, this doesn’t always work. In this case you may need to report the situation to their landlord, the local council or, in really serious cases where you feel you or your family’s safety is compromised, the police.

Find out more about filing a complaint about your neighbours here.

Neighbour Disputes Compensation

At CEL Solicitors, our expert team of housing solicitors believe that should feel safe in their own home, so we take disputes between neighbours very seriously. To find out what you can do if you are having disagreements with your neighbours, including boundary and hedge disputes, or problems with noise, or to find out your rights as a tenant, contact our friendly team of solicitors today on 0151 909 8212 or email