We’ve all heard about PPI claims, but what about Plevin? CEL Solicitors explain exactly what a Plevin claim is and how it relates to PPI. 

Plevin claim is a claim for the commissions charged on the PPI premiums that many people took out. It’s called a Plevin claim on the back of a claim that was brought about by a lady called Susan Plevin around the basis that the levels of commissions charged was completely unfair. The commission charged on the PPI was so high that had she known about it, she would have gone to market and found something that offered her more value for money.

The secret commission is simply the commissions charged by the lenders and/or brokers on top of the actual PPI premium. So, in Mrs Plevin’s case, the premium was actually just over £1,600, yet she was charged just short of £4,000 and that premium cost was paid for through credit that she was paying the lender.

In terms of the criteria to be met to bring a claim, firstly, the claim needs to be within certain dates to be brought validly under the Consumer Credit Act. So as long as your claim is brought about relatively soon, then you will be okay in connection with limitation as well.

A Plevin claim is different from the standard PPI claims that have been brought as there’s no allegation that the premium was necessarily mis-sold. So these claims are relevant for people who didn’t believe they were mis-sold. They’re also relevant for people who have brought a claim, brought up and rejected by the lenders previously on the basis it wasn’t mis-sold because of the answers they gave during an interview, the answers they have on the questionnaires that were provided et cetera.

Plevin claims are complicated. It does require some assistance from lawyers to get this calculation right and ensure that you present your claim in the best possible way to ensure that you are compensated for the full amount you are due.

The process in assessing a Plevin claim involves us initially applying to the banks for all the information they hold. Once we have all of that information, we can make a full assessment of your case and advise, firstly, whether you have prospects of success, and secondly, if you do have prospects, what the likely claim value is. After that, we obviously start the process of bringing the court proceedings.

In terms of how much a client might be entitled to, that is determined, one, by the premium paid. Two, by the commission paid, and three by the credit that was used to pay for this premium and the interest that you will have paid on the credit that you used to pay this premium and we’ll seek to recover that for you also.

People should choose CEL Solicitors for their legal advice because we are an experienced bunch of lawyers here and not only are we experienced, we are also approachable and friendly, and we will do everything that we possibly can to make sure that we get the best outcome for you.


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