Reporting housing disrepair for an Alliance Homes property

When you became an Alliance Homes tenant, you will have agreed to shoulder some of the responsibility for maintaining the property. However, the bulk of maintenance and repair obligations fall to the housing association themselves, particularly in relation to the building’s structure and fixtures. When your property needs a repair, you should contact the housing association, who will arrange for a contractor to visit and complete the necessary work.

Examples of repairs that are the housing association’s responsibility include:

  • Repairs to ceilings and roofs
  • Damage to any communal areas, including stairs and entryways
  • Faulty electrical wiring

How do I let Alliance Homes know when my home needs a repair?

It’s important that you keep Alliance Homes informed when you feel your property needs repairing. This might be something major, like a burst pipe, or something more routine, like replacing broken tiles. Non-urgent repairs can be reported using the online form on their website, which will be responded to during office hours (Monday – Thursday, 9am to 6pm, and Friday, 9am to 4:30pm). You can also call them during these hours on 03000 120 120 and speak to a member of the team directly. If you need an emergency repair outside of their operating hours, you should instead call 01934 622669.

How long will it take for Alliance Homes to repair the property?

Alliance Homes will prioritise a repair based on how it affects your wellbeing and the safety of the property. When a repair does not seem to be urgent, you will be given an appointment with a contractor who will visit sometime in the following 3 months. Emergency repairs, such as fixing a burst pipe, will be seen to within a few hours of being requested. In some cases, what starts as a minor repair can escalate, for example a slightly leaky roof deteriorating in extreme weather. If that happens to you, or you’re generally not satisfied with the housing group’s response or standard of repair, you could potentially pursue a housing disrepair claim. CEL Solicitors will be able to advise you of your rights and suggest the best course of action.

For more information on this type of claim and what you could be entitled to, contact one of our solicitors on 0151 909 8212, or email