Reporting Landlord Repairs to Dartford Borough Council

If you’re living in a rented property owned by Dartford Housing Service and it has fallen into disrepair, then you must report the issues immediately to avoid anything getting worse and to help ensure that you have a safe place to live. It is the responsibility of Dartford Borough Council to fix most structural repairs that need carrying out in your home – please note it is also the responsibility of you as a tenant to ensure that the house is kept in an acceptable condition throughout your tenancy. Dartford Council are responsible for the repairs of the following:

  • Damp and mould issues that are related to the property’s structure
  • Faulty heating or hot water systems
  • Structural damage to the property
  • A vermin issue at the start of the tenancy

The above issues can not only get worse over time but can also pose as a risk to your health if they are not looked at. Report the issues to Dartford Council – they do not have a deadline under law of when repairs need to be done, but will be expected to carry out the repairs within a reasonable amount of time.

I have found a repair; how do I report it?

If you have found a repair issue within your Dartford property then you should report it straight away. You can do this by visiting the Dartford Council website and following the link to the housing repair request. If you are unsure about whether a repair you have found is your responsibility or the responsibility of the landlord, you can also read all about it on Dartford Council’s repair homepage. If you need someone to come out and fix the repair, you must contact customer services either using the online repair form or the text service. So that the repair can be dealt with quickly and efficiently, you need to include personal information such as your surname, the address of the property, the details of the problem and your availability for someone to come out and assess the problem. For out of hours emergency reports (if the repair is urgent or is becoming a health and safety issue) you can call 0345 6341212.

Dartford Council have not come to repair my property, what should I do?

If Dartford Council have not paid attention to the fact that your property is in disrepair or perhaps they have been out to fix issues but have not completed the work to a satisfactory standard, then you might be entitled to make a claim against Dartford council as it is within your rights to live in a safe rented property. Making a successful claim with CEL will ensure that the necessary repairs are carried out and it might also mean that you receive compensation, depending on your case. For more options about what action you can take and to find out what your rights are, you can receive a free claim assessment by contacting CEL Solicitors on 0808 273 0900 or emailing today.