Submitting disrepair complaints for an Accent Housing property

For those living in an Accent Housing residence, the housing association takes responsibility for the structural upkeep and repair of the property. Although some basic maintenance will be carried out by the occupant, Accent Housing are obligated to respond to many issues relating to disrepair.

Examples of disrepair that the housing association will cover include:

  • A burst water main or other flooding caused by weather, etc.
  • Unsafe electrical outlets and fittings
  • Repairs and cleaning of gutters and drainpipes

It is important to organise repairs as soon as an issue is found to prevent the damage worsening and potentially becoming a health and safety risk. Make note of any personal belongings which have been damaged because of the disrepair, as you may be able to seek compensation for these.

How do I let Accent Housing know about disrepair in my home?

Any disrepair, including emergencies, can be communicated to Accent Housing via their contact helpline: 0345 6780 555. This line is open 24/7 for the reporting of emergencies, and any non-emergencies will be dealt with during their office hours – 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, and 8am to 12pm on Saturdays. If you have an online account with them, you can use their website to report non-urgent disrepair via the Customer Portal.

What if Accent Housing don’t respond to my complaint?

Accent Housing promise to deal with all emergency disrepair complaints within 4 hours. For non-urgent repairs, they will set up an appointment for a contractor to come to the property. If, in either case, they do not keep to the agreed times and the repair is delayed, you can get in touch with our housing repair solicitors to potentially pursue a claim against the housing association.

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